Tips for Clearer Eyesight and Healthier Eyes

Make your vision clear

Poor eyesight can be challenging for most adults. However, there are many ways to address eyesight problems. You can get regular eye checkups, wear prescription eyeglasses, or sport contact lenses.

But there are safer and natural ways to have clearer, sharper eyesight.

Continue reading below to find out what they are.


Our eyes need nutrients to stay healthy. Thus, make sure to include Vitamins A, C, E in your diet. You also need a good amount of minerals like copper and zinc for healthy eye function. Excellent choices are carrots, mango, beef liver, broccoli, and almonds, to name a few.

Meanwhile, foods that are also rich in sulfur, cysteine, and lecithin can help protect the eye lens from cataract formation.  These can be found in beef, shrimp, yogurt, eggs, soybeans.

Eating fish is also good especially coldwater fishes like sardines and salmon. These have DHA Docosahexaenoic acid. DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid that strengthens the body’s cell membranes including the eyes.


Since eyes have muscles, eye exercises promote eye comfort. Let’s get it straight: eye exercises will not improve your vision, but it can help with certain eye conditions. These conditions include eye strain and fatigue.

Thankfully, there are simple eye exercises that can help your eye stay healthy.

Begin by warming your eyes. Rub your palms together good enough to make it warm. Place your warm palms against your eyes for about five seconds. Repeat this three times. 

Furthermore, rolling your eyes can help your eye muscles. Look up and down, slowly circling them 10 times in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions.

Want to sharpen your focus? Just try to hold a pen at an arm’s length while darting your eyes on it. Slowly move the pen closer until it’s about 6 inches away from your nose. Then slowly move away from you.

Redo this 10 times.

Massage your temples. Using your thumb knuckles, massage your temples in small circles, 20 times in clockwise and counterclockwise direction.

Commit to these daily and see better results within the month. Just don’t forget to wash your hands before and after the exercises.


Getting 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is not only good for the eyes but also the body.  Have a restful sleep to fully repair and recover your eyes and the rest of your body.

If you engage in hours of intense visual activity like working in front of the computer or reading a book, rest your eyes for about 15 minutes. Additionally, a slice of a cooling cucumber will go a long way in helping your eyes recover from strain.


When going outdoors, protect your eyes by wearing polarized sunglasses. Excessive exposure to UV rays can cause cataracts.  Polarized sunglasses block out both UVA and UVB light.

Furthermore, wear blue light protection eyeglasses as well to protect your eyes from over-exposure to laptops. This is essential when working or when binge-watch your favorite series on your mobile phones.


Last but not least, protect and improve your vision with NutraBod blended with Virgin Coconut Oil. This will help build a stronger immune system. It also has Astaxanthin that promotes healthy eyes!

Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant known for the prevention and treatment of eye diseases. It also helps maintain healthy eye function. Studies show that Astaxanthin has a potential agent to protect (RPE) retinal pigment epithelial cells from oxidative damage.

It also helps slow the progress of (AMD) age-related macular degeneration.