A Healthier and Disease-free You

Protect and strengthen the body with Nutrabod

With the many different ailments affecting people, disease prevention has never been more important than today. Interestingly, some of the best defenses we have against various diseases come from nature. Some of them are the fruits, herbs, and other organic items you find anywhere.

But what if you can get a portion of everything and combine them in one nutritional supplement? That is exactly what NutraBod offers.

Continue reading below for some of the best ingredients you will find from NutraBod supplements that will help keep diseases at bay.

VCO/Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil has made its way in food recipes, as well as vitamin supplements and medicines. Dubbed as a superfood, VCO offers numerous health benefits. It contains healthy fatty acids and helps raise HDL or good cholesterol in our blood.

HDL can help reduce heart diseases. 

Furthermore, VCO also contains a fatty acid called medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). When we take VCO, its MCT content goes to the liver. Thereafter, our body converts it to energy or turns it into Ketones.

This is beneficial for our brain health. Today, researchers are studying MTC and how it can help patients with epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.

VCO is also anti-microbial. Fifty-percent of coconut oil is lauric acid. When the body digests lauric acid, it produces monolaurin, which kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi.


Ever wonder why Koreans seem strong and healthy? Ginseng has always been a part of their diet because of the numerous benefits it offers. For starters, it is a superfood that contains compounds and ingredients that help our body function.

Some of its active compounds include ginsenosides, polyacetylenes, phenolic compounds, sesquiterpenes, alkaloids, polysaccharides, and oligopeptides. They offer many benefits to the body like boosting the immune system, improving blood circulation, and enhancing memory. 

They also help reduce fatigue and serve as antioxidants. In addition, Ginseng offers positive effects on menopausal disorders.  Hence, people have been using it for thousands of years as an all-natural treatment for various ailments and diseases. Even its scientific name “Panax” means “cure all.”


Turmeric has become a household name when it comes to overall health. We see Turmeric in every shop because of its different health benefits. 

People have been using Turmeric for thousands of years. Its legend dates back to the Ayurvedic methods of treatment and home remedies. Ayurvedic healers use Turmeric as medicine in the form of fresh juice, boiled tea, tinctures, or powder. 

They also use it in the form of creams, lotions, pastes, and ointments.

Its active ingredient is Curcumin, which boasts of anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties. Turmerics’s many properties contribute to the wellness of many various diseases and may even prevent most of them from happening.

Properties which may help prevent heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, skin diseases. Experts are also looking at its potential for treating cancer.


Resveratrol is a plant compound that you can find in NutraBod. It acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is derived from grapes, berries, peanuts, and pines. 

Interestingly, it is the skin of the grapes that are rich in Resveratrol. Red wine is another potent source. 

It contains active compounds that help patients with diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, obesity, inflammatory, neurodegenerative, and age‐related diseases. 


Last but not least is Astaxanthin, a carotenoid found in certain seafood. These include lobsters, salmons, fish eggs, trouts, and crabs. People often refer to Astaxanthinas the “King of Carotenoids” being one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature.

Inflammation causes many brain conditions like Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Parkinson’s disease. It also leads to eye problems, heart diseases, arthritis, and an array of cancers even early aging.

Thankfully, Astaxanthin can help with these conditions. Different studies show the efficacy of Astaxanthin in various aspects of treatment and prevention of diseases. 

But its biggest role is to neutralize free radicals, which largely contribute to the development of diseases. 

And if you want to keep these diseases at bay, you need to stay healthy by exercising, eating right, and supplementing your nutrition. Enjoy the benefits of these compounds by taking NutraBod daily!