Why it’s Important to take Sports Recovery Supplements?

Why it’s Important to take Sports Recovery Supplements?

The power of ginseng and astaxanthin as pre and post-workout supplements

Here’s a fact: if you are an athlete spending hours a day training hard, your body’s stored energy will get drained. This will result in exhaustion, as well as fatigue in muscles. Thus, recovery must follow soon after.

Recovery refers to repairing and replenishing muscle mass and tissues. It also involves regaining your strength and eliminating fatigue following a strenuous workout, training, and other energy-consuming physical activities.

So what’s the best way to recover from training and combat fatigue? Getting enough rest, eating a well-balanced diet, proper hydration, and taking the right pack of recovery supplements are the keys.

Backed by scientific evidence, Ginseng, and Astaxanthin are noteworthy supplements that can help reduce ad regenerate damaged muscles and tissues in the body. Moreover, they can help boost energy your level and performance during workouts.


Ginseng, one of the most popular herbal supplements, has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine because of its curative properties. Among the widely known is Asian Ginseng also known as Panax Ginseng or Korean Ginseng.

It contains significant substances such as ginsenosides, gintonin, flavonoids, and adaptogen which work as an energy booster. They are also excellent performance boosters improving your physical stamina, immunity levels, and mental and physical resistance.

On the other hand, astaxanthin is a reddish carotenoid that is one of the most sought-after supplements when it comes to boosting the performance of athletes.

By supplementing with astaxanthin, athletes could prevent exercise-induced free radical production. They can also reduce the depletion of non-enzymatic antioxidant defense to increase their strength and endurance. 

Furthermore, astaxanthin shows significant improvements in inflammation levels, immune system functions, and muscle recuperation. This makes the supplement a notable ally for people who undergo physical training, intense sports, and a generally active lifestyle. 

In a paper published in 2008 by Malmsten and Lignell, they recruited 40 healthy male college students aged 17-19 years for a 6-month experiment. It was a placebo-controlled double-blind trial wherein the students took 4mg of astaxanthin each day. 

They also had to complete as many 90-degree squats as possible - again at the multi-press - under standardized conditions and sub-maximum load. The results showed improvements in the strength and endurance of the students.

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