The Secret Ingredient to Better Skin

The Secret Ingredient to Better Skin

Astaxanthin: The Secret Ingredient to Better Skin

The quest for looking younger continues for millions of people across the globe. But with so many environmental factors that contribute to skin aging, boosting your skin care arsenal is a must. Interestingly, skin care is not all about the beauty creams you apply on your face. It also involves proper nutrition.

 Thus, eating is essential. However, we don’t often get the proper nutrition we need through the food we eat. Thankfully, there are the health supplements to the rescue. And one of the most promising supplements that can help improve your skin is the antioxidant called Astaxanthin.

Let’s find out what this amazing supplement can do to your skin.

Helps Protect Against Harmful UV Light

Astaxanthin provides skin protection against harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation coming from the sun. UV rays are one of the main culprits behind skin destruction. For starters, they cause premature aging of the skin. As for the long-term effects, prolonged exposure to UV rays can lead to skin cancer.

On the flip side, Astaxanthin can counter the effects of UV rays. As a fat-soluble antioxidant, Astaxanthin can go deep into the body’s cell membranes. From there, it can intercept the reactive oxygen species (ROS) and stop them from accumulating in the layers of the skin.

UV light generates ROS, which come from chronic oxidative stress. After sun exposure, the oxidation leads to a build-up of free radicals in the skin’s layers. When there’s too much build-up, it can lead to DNA and protein damage.

Helps Repair DNA Damage

In the event that the UV rays already damaged your DNA, Astaxanthin can help repair it. As a carotenoid, Astaxanthin lessens oxidative stress. In turn, it also slows down DNA damage and promotes its repair.

A 2018 study revealed that it boosts the cells’ DNA repair capacity after prolonged UV exposure. This is crucial in preventing the growth of cancer cells.

Helps Retain Skin Moisture

Another factor that contributes to skin aging is the skin’s inability to retain moisture. This can be a result of low humidity or extreme cold. A high UV index can also reduce the moisture content of the skin. As a result, you end up having dry skin.

Thankfully, studies revealed that Astaxanthin can boost the skins’s moisture content. By scavenging free radicals like ROS, Astaxanthin helps the cells retain moisture. One study spanning 10 weeks noted that taking 4mg of Astaxanthin daily reduced moisture loss caused by UV exposure among adults.

If glowing skin is your goal, Astaxanthin is what you need to add to your daily supplements.

Hastens Wound Healing

Lastly, Astaxanthin speeds up healing of wounds. When a wound heals, it increases inflammation and oxidative stress. However, prolonged oxidative stress can delay wound healing.

Because of Astaxanthin’s antioxidant properties, it helps reduce oxidative stress. In turn, it hastens wound healing. Moreover, it helps boost different growth factors, especially collagen.

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