Skin Aging and Damaged Hair— What You Need to Get

Skin Aging and Damaged Hair— What You Need to Get

Skin Aging and Damaged Hair— What You Need to Get

Do you feel that your skin is losing its moisture and more wrinkles are starting to appear on your face? Do your bad hair days outnumber the good ones? Skin aging and damaged hair are two of the most common issues hounding both women and men from around the world.

Though there are medications and other products that can help reduce their symptoms, treating them naturally is still the best way to go. Taking natural supplements is one way of managing their effects. And of the many different supplements out there, there’s one that’s worth your attention – Resveratrol.

Read on below for more info on this powerful antioxidant and why you need to get it now.

What Causes Skin Aging and Damaged Hair?

To better appreciate Resveratrol and its benefits, let’s first tackle what causes skin aging and damaged hair. Dry skin mainly happens when the skin’s outer layer loses water. There are plenty of reasons that may cause the skin to lose moisture. These include exposure to heat, extreme cold, and too much bathing and scrubbing.

Using harsh soaps and detergents can also reduce the skin’s moisture. Sometimes, it’s a case of eczema or psoriasis. And last but not least is aging, wherein the skin starts to less of the oils that help retain moisture.

Meanwhile, you can develop dry and damaged hair when you live in a place with a dry and hot climate. If you love soaking in the sun or enjoying the wind too often, you may also see your hair turn dry.

Washing your hair with harsh shampoos or chemicals too often can also lead to dryness. Regular blow-drying, straightening, and curling can also have the same effect. 

People with medical conditions like hypothyroidism, hypoparathyroidism, and anorexia nervosa also tend to develop dry hair. But regardless of the reason, the battle against skin aging and dry hair is not a lost cause.

Resveratrol Can Help

How can you reduce the effects of skin aging and dry hair? The answer is adding Resveratrol to your daily health regimen. Resveratrol comes from grapes, blueberries, raspberries, and peanuts. As a powerful antioxidant, it helps slow down skin aging.

As people age, we lose some of the collagen and elastin in our skin. In turn, the skin becomes thinner and wrinkles start to appear. The problem with aging is that free radicals make matters worse and hasten aging. 

As a powerful antioxidant, Resveratrol can help fight free radicals that the body produces during oxidation. It helps fight hyperpigmentation and improves your fine lines and the skin’s overall texture.

As for damaged hair, Resveratrol may help boost mitochondrial function that aids in the hair cells’ energy production. The result is having younger and healthier hair follicles. One study also indicated that Resveratrol may help suppress the production of a specific hormone that disrupts blood flow toward the hair follicles.

VCO + Resveratrol: A Powerful Combo

With the benefits of Resveratrol, you can fight the symptoms of skin aging and damaged hair. But what if you can’t have foods rich in Resveratrol available every day? The answer is through NutraBod’s VCO + Resveratrol capsules. 

Each capsule combines the health benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil and Resveratrol and boosts bioavailability and absorption. So add NutraBod to your daily diet for glowing skin and healthier hair!