Gym buffs, Here’s Why Ginseng is Good for Muscle Building and the Benefits Don’t Stop There!

Gym buffs, Here’s Why Ginseng is Good for Muscle Building and the Benefits Don’t Stop There!

Gym buffs, Here’s Why Ginseng is Good for Muscle Building and the Benefits Don’t Stop There!

Are you a gym buff? Or are you only starting to build and tone your muscles? Muscle building takes a lot of time, patience, and effort on your part. But apart from these internal factors, you also need to get the right kind of nutrition to ensure that your efforts in the gym bear fruit.

There are protein-rich foods like lean beef, chicken, and eggs that are staples for muscle-builders. Of course, you cannot forget to put whole grains, tuna fish, and your fruits and vegetables in the mix.

However, not everyone can get the right amount of nutrition through the food they eat. Hence, the need for supplementation comes into play. And when we talk about health supplements, there is a potent, age-old supplement that can help in your muscle-building journey.

The supplement is Ginseng; an herb that comes with a rich history dating back to 5,000 years ago in ancient China. If you’re wondering how exactly can Ginseng help you in your fitness goals, continue reading below as we break them down one by one.

What Is Ginseng?

Before we discuss the benefits of Ginseng on your muscles, let us briefly tackle what Ginseng is. As we mentioned earlier, it is an herb that the Chinese have been using for the past 5,000 years. It is a short plant that grows quite slowly. It also sports fleshly roots that resemble the shape of a man.

Ginseng served as a traditional medicine that primarily helps slow down aging and increase male virility, among others. With its numerous benefits, Ginseng earned the title “king of herbs.”

Today, it has become one of the most popular supplements for athletes. When it comes to its effects on muscles, what exactly does it offer? Let’s find out below.

Ginseng and Muscle Building

When we talk about supplements that help build muscles, it is the anabolic type that falls under this category. Anabolism is the process in which the body uses simple substances to build and generate more complex living tissues. Generally, it is the amino acids that help make protein for muscle building.

Though it is easy to find nutritional supplements that help boost your athletic performance, it is quite a challenge to find one that helps you build muscles. Thankfully, Ginseng, particularly Panax Ginseng works similarly to anabolic steroids. It features active ingredients like Ginsenosides that prevent adrenal overstimulation.

Muscle Recovery

A big part of muscle building is letting your muscles recover after your workouts. Thankfully, Ginseng is also an adaptogen herb. In turn, it may help you recover faster after exercising. Interestingly, the recovery benefits of Ginseng are more substantial after workouts that feature shifting intensities.

The same thing goes for exercises that give the muscles unique stress that the body is not used to experience too often. Studies revealed that taking 20 grams of Ginseng every day, for seven days showcased a significant reduction in inflammation muscle damage caused by exercise among young men.

In addition, Ginseng is also a powerful antioxidant. Hence, it helps fight off the free radicals that impede muscle recovery. When we exercise, the stress in the body increases the production of oxidative free radicals. Too many free radicals can damage the cells and slow down muscle recovery.

By taking Ginseng, it can help lower oxidative damage.

It Boosts Your Energy and Performance

Another health benefit you can get from Ginseng is its ability to boost your energy and performance during your muscle-building workouts. As you lift weights, you need to sustain the right level of energy. Certain studies show that taking Ginseng may help reduce physical and mental fatigue. In turn, you will have more energy that’s crucial in those muscle-building workouts.

Weight-loss: A Possibility

Last but not least, the prospects of Ginseng helping people lose weight remains a possibility. As you build your muscles, your body also gets rid of excess weight. By losing weight, you are also helping the body tone your muscles.

Though the idea of Ginseng as a weight-loss supplement for humans is still being studied by experts, studies involving animals look promising. Studies noted that Ginseng extracts affect the metabolism and appetite of animals. Furthermore, the extracts also stimulated the animals’ fat-burning pathways.

Meanwhile, some tests involving humans also presented a positive outlook. One of them noted that taking about 8 grams of Asian Ginseng helped obese women shed off some weight. This is because Ginseng boosted their digestive system’s healthy bacteria profile.

Furthermore, the herb also contains properties that help manage blood sugar levels.

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