Find Out How to Make Your Bones Stronger as You Age

Find Out How to Make Your Bones Stronger as You Age

Find Out How to Make Your Bones Stronger as You Age

Apart from losing strength and mobility, having brittle bones is one of the most frightening prospects that come with aging. Osteoporosis or the condition that makes the bones weak and brittle affects over 200 million people worldwide. If you develop the disease, the risk of breaking your bones after an accidental slip goes up.

Thankfully, there are ways to boost bone health and prevent bone loss. Aside from increasing your calcium intake, adding coconut oil to your diet can also promote strong bones.

Let’s find out below why coconut oil is an excellent bone supplement.

Coconut Oil for Bone Protection

Virgin coconut oil (VCO) may help in the prevention of bone loss. It specifically protects the bones from oxidation while aiding in bone development.

A couple of recent studies on ovariectomized rats looked to prove the bone benefits of VCO. In the first study, one group of rats took rat food enhanced by 8% VCO. On the flip side, the control group only took regular rat chow. After six weeks, the researchers examined the rats’ bones and their oxidative status.

The experts noted that VCO can help “prevent lipid peroxidation.” Furthermore, VCO also boosted the antioxidant enzymes of the rats. As the antioxidants increased, they reversed bone loss in the osteoporotic rat model.

Meanwhile, the second study noted that VCO helped improve the rats’ bone structure. It also helped prevent accelerated bone loss. If you’re afraid of developing osteoporosis, regular intake of VCO can result in better mineral absorption. The medium-chain triglycerides can boost the absorption of calcium and magnesium, which are crucial for keeping the bones strong.

For Easing Bone Pressure

Coconut oil can help reduce pressure on the bones by helping reduce body weight. People suffering from obesity have a higher risk of developing osteoporosis. When this happens, there’s a likelihood of fracturing their bones because of their weight.

Fat mass and bone mass are inversely related, which means the higher the body’s fat mass is, the lower the bone density you’ll have. Some of the integral parts that may suffer from obesity are your hip joints, knees, and ankles. This is because these parts take most of your body weight. With your bone density decreasing, the risk of breaking the bones in these areas goes up.

Thankfully, coconut oil can help reduce bad cholesterol that contributes to weight gain. Coconut oil’s polyphenols also help lower lipids that cause hypertension and heart disease.

Prevents Bone Loss in Women

One in 3 women who are over 50 years old will experience osteoporotic fractures. When it comes to regulating bone density, hormones like estrogen and progesterone play a crucial role. Once women reach menopausal stage, hormone production decreases. In turn, their body’s ability to regulate bone density also decreases.

As we mentioned earlier, lower bone density increases the risk of fractures. Interestingly, a study revealed that coconut oil’s antioxidant properties help reduce oxidative stress in menopausal women. By reducing oxidative stress, coconut oil boosts the restoration of bone density.

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