Astaxanthin is 6,000 Times Stronger Than Vitamin C? Find out Why!

Astaxanthin is 6,000 Times Stronger Than Vitamin C? Find out Why!

Astaxanthin is 6,000 Times Stronger Than Vitamin C? Find out Why!

Ascorbic Acid or Vitamin C is easily the most popular vitamin people use for their daily nutritional supplementation. It’s an antioxidant that protects the body from illnesses by boosting the immune system. It also helps heal wounds faster and helps maintain bones, teeth, and cartilage.

But did you know that there’s an antioxidant 6,000 times stronger than Vitamin C? Its name is Astaxanthin. If it’s your first time to hear the name or if you wish to know more about this marvelous antioxidant, keep on reading below.

Astaxanthin vs Vitamin C: The Real Score

Yes, you read it right. Astaxanthin is 6,000 times more potent than Vitamin C, according to clinical studies. This is because of the unique chemical structure that allows it to combat free radicals. One of the main causes of inflammation is the reactive oxygen species (ROS). These are free radicals that increase the risk of developing diseases.

Astaxanthin’s chemical structure allows it to scavenge ROS better than other antioxidants. If you compare Astaxanthin and Vitamin C head-to-head, the former provides almost the same benefits at much lower concentration levels. Studies reveal that one can observe the same benefits by taking 4mg of Astaxanthin a day compared to 75mg to 90mg of Vitamin C daily.

Furthermore, Astaxanthin appears to have superior immune-boosting capabilities compared to Vitamin C. One study noted that Astaxanthin increases the T and B cell activity, which are known immune markers. This is due to Astaxanthin’s remarkable ROS scavenging prowess.

In turn, the body’s immune function increases and helps you fight a myriad of stressors coming from the environment and the food you eat. In addition, Astaxanthin is 800 times stronger than CoQ10, a vitamin-like substance that helps maintain chemical reactions and proper organ functions.

Health Benefits of Astaxanthin

What are the other benefits Astaxanthin offers? It can help promote healthier skin by smoothening wrinkles and maintaining skin moisture. It can also help reduce the size of age spots.

Astaxanthin may also help boost your heart health. One study pointed out that Astaxanthin may help improve arterial wall thickness and elastin levels to lower blood pressure.

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, Astaxanthin may also help alleviate joint pains. These include carpal tunnel syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis, to name a few.

Men who are struggling with infertility may also find an ally in Astaxanthin. Studies showed positive results from Astaxanthin in terms of improving sperm count and motility. 

Though there’s still no cure for cancer, Astaxanthin may help in cancer treatment. One study involving patients with breast cancer showed a reduction in the growth of their cancer cells after taking Astaxanthin.

Astaxanthin + VCO: A Perfect Partnership 

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