7 Health Benefits Resveratrol Do for the Brain

7 Health Benefits Resveratrol Do for the Brain

7 Health Benefits Resveratrol Do for the Brain

Are you struggling to remember simple things that you usually don’t forget? Are you diagnosed with Dementia? Did you survive a stroke in the past?

These are only a few of the many brain-related problems one may encounter.
Though several factors may cause these neurological disorders, one thing is certain: you can reduce the risk by improving your brain health.

Thankfully, there are gifts from nature that can help you keep those neurological problems at bay. One of them is Resveratrol. It is a potent antioxidant that you normally find in red wine, red grape skins, and purple grape juice.

But how exactly can Resveratrol benefit the brain? Continue reading below for 7 key benefits it offers.

1. Protection Against Brain Damage
One of the best benefits Resveratrol can do to the brain is to protect it from damage. Brain damage may occur during injuries, severe blows to the head, or brain infection. Drug overdose, seizures, and exposure to pollutants may also lead to brain damage.

Being a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound, Resveratrol may help protect the brain cells from absorbing irreversible damage. A certain study on brain cells revealed that Resveratrol boosted the activity of a certain antioxidant gene called heme-oxygenase. This gene is responsible for protecting the brain cells from damage.

2. May Help in Brain Aging Reversal
Interestingly, Resveratrol may also help in brain aging reversal. Not only that, it can impact the reversal by as much as 10 years.
The study revealed that regular consumption of Resveratrol can slow the brain’s cognitive decline. Furthermore, menopausal women who regularly took Resveratrol showed promise in enhancing cerebrovascular and cognitive functions.

3. Helps Maintain Sharp Memory
If you’re dealing with memory gap problems, taking Resveratrol can help improve your memory. And if you don’t have problems remembering things, Resveratrol can also help maintain your sharp memory.

Studies show that the Resveratrol compound can stimulate the growth and development of neurons. It can also do the same thing with the blood vessels in the hippocampus, which functions as the brain’s memory center.

4. Inhibits Inflammation
As we mentioned earlier, Resveratrol comes with anti-inflammatory properties. In turn, it is found to inhibit pro-inflammatory molecules in the body, including the brain.

When inflammation occurs, it can prompt the central nervous system’s immune cells to contribute to the death of neurons. By taking Resveratrol regularly, it can help keep inflammation at bay.

5. May Help Increase Brain Blood Flow
Proper blood flow going to the brain is essential in keeping brain function in excellent condition. Though studies are still in their infancy, they present positive results for Resveratrol as an aide to improving blood flow in the brain.

6. May Balance Neurotransmitters
Another interesting benefit of Resveratrol is its ability to improve neurotransmitters’ balance. Studies conducted on rats revealed that Resveratrol blocked certain enzymes like serotonin and noradrenaline from going back to the brain. In turn, this increased the rats’ concentration and boosted their mood.

7. May Help Prevent Cancer
Last but not least, Resveratrol may help prevent certain cancers from developing. Though scientists are still in the hunt for more concrete evidence, existing studies show promise that Resveratrol may help prevent certain cancer types including liver cancer.
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